World Center for Education and Training Consultancy (ETC)

Educational Constants… with Universal Standards

Our VisionMission & Vision

Providing advisory and operational solutions for an evolving education reflecting modern values and in keeping with the standards of creativity.


Our GoalThe ETC Goal

It aims to contribute to the educational and administrative development; to meet the educational, administrative, technical and training challenges


Our ActivitiesOur Activities & Programs

To prepare, design and carry out development and training programs for institutions, bodies and educational facilities


Our SolutionsOur Integral solutions

Implementing development, training and comprehensive rehabilitation programs: advanced development techniques – effective training tools


We stand alone… and we stand out

The ETC … boasts specialized expertise and partnerships of local, regional and global levels.

The ETC … presents its developmental programs and executive and advisory services in accordance with international standards.

The ETC … stands alone with its specialist initiatives that meet international standards and are compatible with the constants of Saudi Arabia.

Our Partners