Our Activities and Programs

• To provide programs, services, counseling and studies in line with international standards to all the relevant parties interested in educational development.
• To offer consultancy and implement specialized and integral studies in the field of establishing educational institutions
• To prepare feasibility studies for educational projects related to financial and technical aspects as well as to develop systems and programs for administrative and technical structures.
• To prepare, design and carry out development and training programs for institutions, bodies and educational facilities at administrative and technical levels comprising the entire components of the educational process — teachers, students and learning environments.
• To design and implement development programs related to educational and supervisory leaders in accordance with international standards of quality.
• To transfer, localize, adapt and restructure the internationally advanced programs of instruction and education in a way commensurate with the reality of local needs and consistent with the constants.
•To build global partnerships with internationally acclaimed instructional and educational organizations and provide advanced channels of communication and interconnection.
• To organize and conduct conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops for the development of competencies, cadres as well as educational and cognitive systems.
• To give counseling for the provision of advanced cultural programs and for the introduction of systems and programs that will improve educational output.
• To supply instructional and educational competencies with [the needed] expertise and skills in the field of information technology and communication in order to have them employed in the workplace.
• To develop personal capabilities and skills of instructional and educational leaders and cadres in light of the concept of competencies and skills.
• To design and implement basic and advanced development initiatives covering all the programs of instructional and educational development at various levels.
• To offer basic logistical support services for all the instructional and educational facilities.