Our Integral solutions

Giving integrated consulting solutions covering all the educational areas:
-international standards and criteria – advanced educational technology – training and education – technical and administrative support centers – development programs – educational management strategies – supervision and guidance plans – implementation and follow-up mechanisms – strategic research and studies.

Implementing development, training and comprehensive rehabilitation programs:
– advanced development techniques – effective training tools – adopted training programs – active learning strategies – management training – self-training – technical training – vocational training – automatic training.

Adoption of the activities and mechanisms for occupational and vocational rehabilitation:
– occupational and professional levels – job training programs – educational environment – classroom performance – school performance – administrative performance – setting the center – competitive advantage.
Providing sources of knowledge and exchanging of experiences:
– specialized global partnerships – educational expert firms – learning resource centers – government and private experiences and practices – cultural communication networks – programs for investing and localizing experiences.

Designing and implementing high quality initiatives and improving output:
– curriculum development – teacher development – standards performance development – improving output programs – student care initiatives – initiatives for extracurricular activities – community contribution – management development – professional personal development – academic and professional development – creative instructional and educational initiatives.

Implementing and developing tools, programs and mechanisms for measurement and evaluation
– performance measurement criteria – performance indicators – assessment programs – quality standards.