Professionalism & Accomplishments

Carrying out the educational development program relating to the professional assets of the Joint Center which is concerned with raising awareness, providing care and rehabilitation, and seeking the prevention of various disabilities and their causes.
Carrying out the educational development program on methods, techniques and standards of modern management for the development of manpower in public administration that gives assistance to the Administrative and Financial Affairs Directorate General of Health Affairs in Riyadh.
Implementing programs for rehabilitation, research and studies of the National Project for Disability Research and Rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia which has established strategies and come up with results and proposals.
Implementing rehabilitation and evaluation programs for the National Project for Translation and Arabization, which has resulted in the issuance of more than (150) research documents and specialized works of reference in all the scientific, awareness-raising and educational fields.
Giving special counseling on development in local, Arab and international specialist conferences and seminars in more than twenty countries.
Designing strategic development initiatives for the activities of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia «ESCWA – United Nations».
Launching the training and rehabilitative program, specialized in educational, awareness and informative areas in the Republic of Yemen.
Supervising programs and research projects relating to scientific research management in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.
Offering executive counseling for the work team of Sultan bin Abdul Aziz City for Humanitarian Services, Riyadh.
Working out counseling development programs at Prince Selman Social Center, Riyadh.
Implementing development, training and advisory programs and designing initiatives for the project of Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Campaign for Social Welfare and Rehabilitative Health Education (CSWRHE) for two years.
Designing and giving executive counseling to the World Summit on the Information Society during the activities of the second phase in Tunis.
Designing executive initiatives, development programs, advanced performance and evaluation indicators for the Centre of Excellence for Research on Osteoporosis at King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah.
Devising and developing specialized scientific initiatives that brought forth global patents which won international awards and were honored with King Abdulaziz First Class Medal.
Effecting specialist instructional, educational, developmental and professional initiatives which won the shield of the University of Jordan, Amman – at the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and as well as at a number of Arab universities.
Executing training programs for administrative development as well as for the development of projects and initiatives for a number of private-sector departments in various fields.