We stand alone… and we stand out

The World Center for Educationa and Training Consultancy (ETC) enjoys specialized, executive and advisory experiences characterized by proficiency and professionalism. Providing services within its advanced programs, it stands unique and is distinguished by its quality through:
The ETC … boasts specialized expertise and partnerships of local, regional and global levels.

The ETC … presents its developmental programs and executive and advisory services in accordance with international standards.

The ETC … specializes in administrative, vocational and technical development programs for all levels in the areas of education and instruction.

The ETC … takes into account the improvement of educational output on the basis of international quality.

The ETC … provides global partnerships and initiatives of knowledge transfer experiences with the internationally acclaimed educational organizations.

The ETC … stands alone with its specialist initiatives that meet international standards and are compatible with the constants of Saudi Arabia.

The ETC … offers integrated counseling covering all the educational and instructional solutions with respect to international standards and criteria, advanced educational technology and training and educational programs.

The ETC … provides sources of knowledge and ensures the effective exchange of know-how with specialist global partnerships and educational expert firms.

 We go beyond the usual… and evolve steadily